Getting Rid of Lumps After Dermal Fillers

If you can see the lumps, try massaging them (if recommended by your doctor) and observe them. If they still don't go away, you may need to contact your medical provider. In some cases, an enzyme called hyaluronidase may be injected to dissolve the filler. The good news is that yes, those pesky lumps of filling will eventually disappear.

It's actually quite rare for patients to experience irritation or lumps after the procedure, but if you do, you should expect them to dissipate within a few days. At most, it can take two to three weeks for them to completely vanish with minimal downtime. Lumps after fat injections have also been treated with anti-inflammatory injections, surgical fat removal, or mini-liposuction techniques. The treatment of choice depends on the location and depth of the fat lumps.

Oily cysts caused by fat injections are often corrected with needle drainage. After giving an injection of dermal filler, most injectors will examine the area for bumps or lumps and massage them out before the patient leaves the clinic. Swelling and bruising can be expected after receiving an injection of dermal filler, which can create the appearance of irregularities, including bumps or lumps. Regardless of the cause, bumps or lumps after receiving dermal fillers is not the norm and should not be expected. As already mentioned, there are several reasons why filling lumps or bumps can occur, and these are generally not related to any movement of the filling itself after being injected.

The appearance of lumps or bumps after receiving an injection of dermal filler could be due to several factors. Dermal filler lumps or bumps can occur for a variety of reasons, and it's important to identify their cause in order to treat them as effectively as possible. Hyaluronic acid fillers naturally break down by the body and will lose their plumping and volumizing effect over time, so some people may find that simply waiting a little while will be enough to reduce the volume of the filler to a satisfactory level. That said, it is still possible for the filling to move from its original location and for lumps or bumps to appear in a different area than where the filler was injected, although this is rare. Any bumps or lumps that occur after receiving an injection of dermal filler will generally disappear within one to two weeks as the area settles and the skin softens on its own, although this could take up to three months in exceptional cases.

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